1679 lives (Composition Book)

The following image is a single page from the 1679 survey of lives in being for compositions.



This image by courtesy of Manx National Heritage.


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My personal transcription of this page is given below. (This is an extract from the transcriptions section.)

*** Folio 257.0 ***

Kirk Michael

agreed to           + Wm [C.. and Paul?] Christian for a prcll of Intacke        }
pay 2d a yeare        of 8d not compounded for before, now                       }
                      agrees to pay by ye year until Comissionrs come            }
         [?]          2d - to commence at Michas ------------------------------- }

                    + Kath Quarke for Jo Quarke & James Cry                      } 5s
                      for 10d Cottage ------------------------------------------ }
                      lives ye sd Kath only in beinge 

                    + Hen:Woods for Jane Woods for 1/2 18s                       }
                      6d & also for certain Intacks rent 16d                     } 55s
                      & [Xed out "21?d"], the half of 8th pt of a qtr rent 12d   }
                      fine ----------------------------------------------------- }
                      lives Doll Cayne only in beinge

                    + Don: Cannell for 3d Cottattage [sic] fine ---------------- } 2s 6d
                      lives Rich: Tho: & Cha: his sons all in beinge

                    + Gilbt Curlood for Doll Curlood for 1 qrter                 }
                      rent 7s 4 1/2d & for 15d Intacke fine for ye               } 28s
                      whole ---------------------------------------------------- } 
                      lives ye sd Gilbt & Jo his brother alive

                    + Jo: Curlood for Adam: Curlood for a 1 qrter                } 
                      rent 7s 4 1/2d & 15d Intack fine ------------------------- } 20s
                      lives ye Jo: Curlood & Gilbt Cannell sone of Phill Cannell
                      & Adam Caine sone of Jo Caine ballagawne, all in beinge

                    o Phill Cannell for Jo: Cannell Junr for 1 qter              }
                      & 1/2 rent 26s 8d & a pcell of Intacke                     } 3l
                      in ball of 8d rent fine for ye whole is ------------------ }
                      lives Phill Cannell sone of Patr: & Cha sone of ye sd John
                      & Jo Quayle sone of Jo Quayle all in beinge

                    + Jo Cannell for John Cannell senr for 1 qter &              }
                      1/2 rent 26s 7d fine ------------------------------------- } 45s
                      lives ye sd John only in beinge

                    + Adam Callister & ptner [Xed out "Jn: Stephen"] for 1 qrter wanting }
                      ye 8th pte rent 16s fine ----------------------------------------- } 33s 4d
                      lives Jony Cayne daughter of Patr Cayne only alive

                    + Jo Teare for a qrter land rent 16s fine                      33 4d
                      lives John Wm & Wm his sones all in being