1704 Composition Book

The following image is a single page from the Kirk Michael section of the 1704 Composition Book. It confirms the named leases (as originally made in 1643 or 1666) in perpetuity subject to certain payments.



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My personal transcription of this page is given below. (This is an extract from the transcriptions section.) Several complete transcriptions of the 1704 composition books exist in manuscript form (as described in the records section).

*** Folio 51 ***

4 Decr: 1704                                    KK Michaell


14 March                    Phillip Cannell of Ballacrynane for [crossed out line]   }
1704                        half of a tenemt                                         }
Rcd hereof f[ro]m           called Ballacrynane cont one qrr & a half of             } 
Jon Cannell his             land of 53s 4d double rent                               }   01=10=0[0]
son 1:00:00                 And Jo Cannell his son for the other half of the         }
12th June 1706              sd tenemt both compd for in 1643 by Jo: Cannell          }
recd ye remaindr sd         fine then 45s. One life in being so to pay now ----------}
being 10s 

16 Janry 170[?]             Wm Cannell for one other qrter & a half of land          }   02=05=[00]
Recd from Wm                called Ballamaynough of 53s 4d double rent               } 
Cannell by the              compd for in 1643 by Jo Cannell his grandfather          } 6 Feb 170[?]
Cnor as pd to               fine then 45s lives expired so to pay ------------------ } 20d ye rema[inder]
[?] 30s                                                                                @ Coron

p.l.0:19: 5 1/4             Phillip Cannell 2 pts of a qrterland called Kerrow       }
p l 0: 9: 8 3/4             glass of 18s 8d double rent and Hen: Kaighen             }
---------------             for the other third pt of the sd land of 9s 4d           }
    1: 9: 2                 double rent all compd for in the year 1643 by            }   01=09=[02]
8s  0: 8: 4                 Tho Kaighen & Kathrin Cannell fine for this &            }
---------------             8s more rent in KK German in Scarsdall treen             }
    1:17: 6                 was 37s 6d lives expired so now to pay in                }
                            proportion for this 28s in this p[ar]ish (the fine for   } 
                            the 8s being charged in KK German) only the sum of       }


                            Cha Cannell soun of Hugh Cannell for half a tenmt        } 26th March 1[?]
                            called BallaCottier of 8s rent & Jo: Quail for the       } Recd here[of]
                            other half of the sd tenemt of 8s double rent            } by ye Coron[er]
                            both compd for in 1643 by                                } 10s 
                            [next part crossed thro -   "Sn Caine for this           }   00=10=[00]
                            rent of 6s 9d lives expired so to pay"]                  } ye full rent
                      [The remaining lines added vertically in left margin besides the above:]        
                            John Quaile in 1643 together w[i]th 22s 6d in ye treen of
                            Ballanimade now on ye names of this sd Cha Cannell & Sam
                            Quaile fine then for the whole with 2s 8d intacks was
                            25s. Lives expired so to pay now for the s[ai]d 16s 
                            w[i]th their p[ar]t of ye intacks - 10s
                            [smudged calculations follow]

                            Mary the daughter of Wm Quaile & Dan Lace                } 26 March [?]
                            her husb for the other halfe quarter of Balla            } recd her[eof]
                            Cottier of 16s double rent compd for in 1643             } 10s
                            by Wm Quaile fine then 15s lives expired                 }   00=1[5=00]
                            so to pay ---------------------------------------------- } 29th Ap [?]
                                                                                       recd ye rem[ainder]
                                                                                       @ Coronr bein[g ?]

                            Jo Cannon for 4s double rent for a prell of qrter ------ } 26 Mar[ch ?]
                            land called Ballana [Xed out "compd for in 1643"] Margt  } recd Jo Can[?]
                            the daughter of [Jo] McBoy & Don Caine her husb for      } full pt her[eof]
                            3s 8d double rent & Mary the daughter of Wm Quaile       } being 3s [?]
                            & Don Lace her husb for 4d double rent all compd for     } & from Do[?]
                            in the year 1643 by Margt Quaile joint wth another       } for his
                                                                                       being [?]