External links specific to Manx surnames

BREW documents a One Name Study and has many searchable databases.


CAINE relates to the descendants of William Caine born circa 1730.


CREER is part of a One Name Study.


CROWE includes a careful analysis of a Crowe genealogy going back well into the 16th century. It also contains information about the QUINE family.


GRIMSHAW is the Isle of Man section of a wider study of the surname.


HALSALL includes many extracted instances of the name.


KAIGHIN is part of a One Name study.


KISSACK is a family history site.


KNEEN is a family history site which also contains a KINVIG family tree.


MYLREA is a developing one name study.


QUALTROUGH is intended to facilitate exchange between members of the family. It has a particular focus on emigramation to Australia and New Zealand.


QUINE is a family history site.