Dating the Records

Many of the bundles within the main record series are dated, however some (particularly from the sixteenth century) are not. This section discusses how this may best be done.


The Libri Assedationis can potentially be ordered even without recourse to other series since the number and total rent of Intacks within each parish tends to increase each year.


If one of the Libri Assedationis and Libri Vastarum series is dated, we can potentially use this to date the other. This is because changes in the Liber Vastarum are typically marked (with a partial box around the old tenant) in the corresponding Liber Assedationis. Also the Liber Assedationis and previous year's Liber Vastarum share the same Setting Quest. Also changes in the previous year's Liber Vastarum should be incorporated in the Liber Assedationis.


The Liber Assedationis and Charge Book can be cross-referenced since both the latter records the total income of the various sections in the Liber Assed - certain of which vary significantly from year to year.


The Liber Assedationis and Pension Book can be cross-referenced since both typically contain the name of the Moar and Coronor for each parish.


The Pension Book and Allowance Book can be cross-referenced since both record the customary allowances for Moars and Coronors (although the Allowance Book typically only gives the two totals) which vary according to the individuals concerned.