When a Manx official took on their role they were required to swear an oath. The oaths were written down in a book of oaths refered to Liber Juramatorum. Various of these oaths dating between 1594 and 1765 are held at the Manx National Heritage library within accession MS9864 under reference GR1/23-29. Later oaths are also given under other references within MS9864, and always appear to be grouped according to the nature of official.


An examination of the earliest Liber Juramentorum (GR1/23) revealed that most oaths are on written on loose pages although a few are bound into a small bundle. Various of the thirty or so pages at this reference are annotated with the name and date of the individual taking them (generally circa 1600).


The oaths themselves are specific to the particular office and reveal a fair amount about the particular responsibilities of the holder. The form of oath (for a given office) became standardised over time, although I have not checked exactly when this occurred.




The othe administered to the Constable
of the Castell Rushen

You shall by vertue off [?] have received be carefull
& vigilant of all such charges as doth & hath appertayned
unto the [?] & office of the Constableshippe of this
noble house, you shall not deliver the keyes 
of this noble house at noe time, but unto whome by ould
orders of this house the sayd keyes have beene delivered
unto. You shall be carrefull to mainteyne all ould & [gated?]
orders of this house that you will doe right to all men &
wronge to noe man in yr office soe god you helpe [?]