Pennant Papers


Thomas Pennant (1726-1798) was a travel writer, natural historian and antiquarian. One of his many projects involved the Isle of Man (which he visited in 1774). He wrote in his journal much of the material about the island supplied to him by its inhabitants was later lost and so he never published any account of it. Nevertheless various documents have survived and form part of the Pennant Papers. The bulk of this collection is now held at the Warwickshire Record Office. The Manx documents are at reference CR2017/TP17.


One unique document in this collection appears to be particularly relevant to the pre 1700 history of the Isle of Man. This is the Nantleys manuscript which is held at the Clwyd Record Office under reference D/NA/905. It is a undated and unsigned 17th century handwritten account of the Isle of Man. It includes a set of observations on the Setting Books of 1490-1505, most of which no longer survive. The Nantleys manuscript has been microfilmed.