1676 Liber Assed for Kirk Michael

The following is a transcription of the above document. It has been rearranged very slightly for readability (specifically by bringing the sums of each sub-section to the top of the section) and the numbers associated with the Intacks have been added by myself for ease of reference. [They are not included in the original]


Parochia St Michael

Ballycraine (Sum 3l 7s 4d}
26s 8d     Jo Cannell                     
26s 8d     Jo Cannell                                           
14s        Wm Cannell {9s 4d} Ellin Cannell {4s 8d}       

Ballister (Sum 3l 8s 6d}
20s        Jo Quayle {5s 4d} Jo Caine {2s 8d} Wm Quayle {8s} Margt Quayle {7d} Patr Caighen {5d} Kath Quayle {22d}
           Wm Quayle {2d} Marg Quayle {12d}
16s        Don Quartaige {8s} Jo Quayle {8s}
7s 6d      Jo Carrett {3s 9d} Jo Cannon {3s 9d}
21s 8d     Margt Quaile {5s 5d} Margt Quayle {3s 1d} Qm Quayle {2d} Kath Quayle {10s 10d} Wm Quayle {2s 2d}
3s 4d      Wm Cannon Jo Carrott

Shallagh (Sum 3l 3s 10d}
17s 6d     Tho Cannell {7s 9d} Wm Quayle {6d} Jo Quiggen Don Caine Wm Quayle {6d} Wm Quayle {12d} [???]
14s 10d    Jo Quiggin Don Caine {3s 8 1/2d} Jo Cannell Jo Cannell Wm Cannon {14d}
31s 6d     Fin Cannell Wm Cannell Tho Cannell {7s} Wm Cannell {12d} Jo Teare

Ballynamade (Sum 3l 4s}
24s 8d     Jo Quartaige {10s} Wm Caine {2d} Jo Caine {6s 2d} Richard Booy Jony Booy
17s 4d     Wm Curlood {8s 8d} Tho Curlood {8s 8d}
15s        Jo Quayle {5s 7 1/2d} Jo Quayle {5s 7 1/2d} Jo Caine {3s 9d}
7s         Wm Quayle  Jo Caighin  Gibbon Quayle  Wm Cannell

Cammall (Sum 3l 11s 2d)
27s        Jo Quaile {12s 6d} Jo Quaile {12d} Tho Keron? {6s 9d} Tho Lewne {6s 9d}
19s 8d     Tho Quartaige {4s 10d} Jo Curlood {4s 10d} Wm Curlood {20d} James Cannell + Mally Kneale Wm Curlood
24s 6d     Alice ylrea {3d} Doll Quayle {5s 3d} Hu Kelly {2s 8d} Wm Cannell {8s 2d} Doll Quayle {5s 3d}
           Jo Curlood {2s 8d} Mally Kneale {4d}

Barrickmore (Sum 3l 8s 6d)
33s 2d     Gibbon Quayle  Wm Cannell
17s 4d     Wm Quayle {5s 10 1/2d} Jo Caighen {11s 5 1/2d}
18s        Jo Caine

Dromrewaigh (3l 9s 3d)
18s 4d     Phill Cannell {17s 7d} Robt Quayle {9d}
16s        Patr Quartaige {5s 4d} Patr Cowley {2s 8d} Rich Caine {8s}
17s        Robt Cannell {16s} Jo Quaile {4d} Tho Crerre {8d}
8s         Rich Caine {4s} Patr Quartaige {2s 8d} Wm Cowley {16d}
10s        Hen Wood {5s} Patr Quartaige {3s 4d} Don Cowley {20d}

Ballafadin (Sum 3l 13s 6d)
18s 6d     Gilbt Cannell
18s 6d     Don Cannell {18s 4d} Kath Cannell + Jo Stephen {2d}
18s 6d     James Booy
14s        Wm Teare Jo Freere
4s         Hen Woods {3s}  Jo Caighen {12d}

Norlough (Sum 3l 10s 8d)
28s 8d     Jo Cannell {8s} Jo Cannell {6s 2d} Jo Cannell {6s 1d} Jo Cannell {6s 1d} Jo Quayle {12d} Jo Quayle {12d}
           Jo Cannell {4d}
16s 4d     Gilbt Cannell {14s 8d} Cha Cannell {8d} Jony Cannell {12d}
14s 8d     Jo Cannell 
12s        Jo Cannell for a p'cell declared to be Intack therefore not double

Oristall (Sum 3l 2s)
14s 9d     Paul Quayle
15s        Wm ylrea {7s 6d} Robt Callister {7s 6d}
14s 9d     Mally Kelly {7s 4 1/2d} Adam Curlood {7s 4 1/2d}
15s 8d     Hu Callister

Leyre (Sum 54s 6d}
37s        Hen Woods {18s 6d} Hen Woods {9s 3d} Jo Croaghen {9s 2d} Robt Caighten {1d}
17s 6d     Jo Cannell

Rencullin (Sum pred)
18s        Jo Freere Jo Freere

Arihorkill (Sum 7s 8d)
5s 4d      Hen Woods  Wm Caine {16d}  Jo Woods junr  John Croughen (Note this 5s 4d is declared Intack therefore
           not to be charged double)
2s 4d      Jo Kelly

Intacks (Sum Intacks: 44s 1 1/2d,      Sum ? Terrans:  1s 3 1/2d)
01     8d  Jo Kelly
02     8d  Wm Quayle
03     4d  Jo Carrett {2d} Gilbt Cannell {2d}
04     2d  Jo Quayle
05    14d  Tho Gell
06  3s 4d  Gilbt Cannell {8d} Nich Caine {2s} Wm Cannell {8d} 
07     8d  James Booy {4d} Gilbert Cannell {4d}
08     4d  Jo Corkle
09     2d  Jo Kelly
10     2d  Christian Stephen
11     6d  Jo Kelly Jo Shittleton
12     6d  Jo Quayle
13     2d  Hen Woods
14     3d  Wm Caine
15     3d  Jo Cayne
16     1d  Tho Quayle
17     2d  Dollin Cayne
18     4d  James Booy  Wm Cannell
19     4d  Gilbt Cannell
20  2s 6d  Paul Quayle
21  2s 6d  Wm ylrea  Robt Callister
22  2s 6d  Mally Kelly  Adam Curlood
23     4d  Jo Woods
24     2d  Tho ylrea
25     2d  Tho Quayle
26    12d  Tho Gell
27    10d  Jo Quayle {3d} Wm Cayne {3d} Jo Kelly {1d} Jo Shittleton {1d} Rich ylrea {2d}
28     4d  Jo ylrea
29    18d  Jo Caine {1 1/2d} Tho Caine {1 1/2d} Jo Cannell Deemster Tho Caine {4d} Doll Kelly
30     8d  Wm Caine
31     6d  Jo Cannell deemster
32    10d  Gilbt Cannell {2d} Tho yrea {2d} Jo Cannell {4d} John Cannell junr
33    11d  Bahy Keniough {4d} Christian Stephan {3d} Doll Cayne {4d}
34     4d  Tho Corkan
35     4d  Christian Stephan
36     1d  Jo Caine
37     1d  Jo Cayne
38     2d  Doll Cannell
39     4d  Gilbt Cannell
40     2d  Hen Woods
41     6d  Jo Woods + uxor Bryan Woods and Jaine Calod and Ann Lowney and Christian Cayne
42     6d  Jo Cannell
43    12d  Mally Kelly
44     8d  Wm ylrea {4d} Robt Callister {4d}
45    20d  Hu Callister
46     1d  Mally Qualtrough
47     6d  Tho Corkan
48     6d  Don Cannell
49     4d  Jo Callister
50     1d  Jo Kelly  Jo Shittleton
51    12d  In man dom  Ellin Quayle  don Keron
52    12d  Jo Kelly
53    16d  In mann domim
54     2d  Jo woods
55     1d  Jo Brown
56    16d  Jo Cannell
57     3d  Don Stephan
58     1d  Don Cannell
59     2d  James Boy
60     8d  Jo Quayle
61     2d  Jony Quartaige
62     1d  Don Kerron
63     1d  Jo Cannell
64     1d  Jo Teare
65   1/2d  Jo Cayne
66   1/2d  Jo Browne
67   1/2d  Tho Corkan
68     1d  Tho Corkan
69     1d  James Crye
70     1d  Jo Quaile
71     3d  Jo Woods
72     2d  Don Croaghan
73     8d  Tho Gell
74     1d  Jo Browne 
75     2d  Jo Cottier
76     1d  Don Craine
77     1d  Don Kerron
78     5d  Jo Quayle
79     6d  Adam Cottiam
80     1d  Doll Cannell
81   1/2d  Christian Stephen
82   1/2d  Jo Caine
83     2d  Rich Caine
84     1d  Tho Cannell
85   1/2d  Tho Keary
86     1d  Tho Gell
87   1/2d  Jo Cayne
88   1/2d  Jo Stephan
89    12d  Wm Quayle
90     8d  Wm Cannon
91     1d  Wm Cannon
92   1/2d  Robt Shittleton
93     1d  Jo Carrett

Cottages (Sum 10s 10d}

01   15d   Jo Quayle {8 1/2d} Tho Corkan {6 1/2d}
02    6d   Jo Kelly  Jo Shittleton  Jo Caine
03   15d   Jo Qalthrough  Don Croaghan  Wm Christn? {4d}   Margt Cannell
04    7d   Jo Tear {3 1/2d} Kath Corjeaj? {3 1/2d}
05   12d   Jo Cottier {6d} Jo Quayle {6d}
06    6d   Jo Browne
07    4d   Rich ylrea
08    8d   Tho Croaghan and Margrett Croaghan and Bahy Croaghan {3d} Phil Browne {3d} Jo Woods {2d}
09   16d   Wm Booy {4d} ? Don Croaghan {6d} ? Jo Cannell deemster {6d}
10   14d   James Crye {2d} Jo Quayle {2d} Don Caine {2d} Hen Woods {8d}
11   11d   Jo Cannell {1d} Wm ylrea {3d} Jo Browne {1d} Jo Kelly  John Shittleton  Rich ylrea {1d}
12    7d   Wm Booy
13    2d   Tho Cayne
14    3d   Jo Kelly  Jo Shittleton
15    2d   Jo Cannell deemster
16    1d   Wm Booy
17    1d   Jo Woods with exors  Jaine Calow Ann Lowney and Christan Cayne

Firm Braccans 

15d        Phill Cannell {4d} Jn ?? {4d} Tho Woods {4d} Cha Cannell {3d}

Firm Moll (Sum 29s 8d)

12s        Hen Woods {8s} Jo Croaghan {4s}
12s        Jo Cannell {8s} Wm Caine {4s}
 4s        Jo Cannell
12d        Wm Caine
 8d        Hen Woods

Officr Maur  occupas  Wm Quayle      13s 4d
Officr Coron occupas  Phill Cannell  40s

Mich fines and Amercents for the year 1676

Liber Scaccar

6d        Hen Woods for disobedience in the respect of his [pewter ?]       
6d        Robt Cannell and his wife for the like   
20d       The fine due for the pinfould being the Lords prte as by the particulars upon record appears which
          the moare is to call to the warden of the sd pinfould for. 

Curia plis 1676
6d        Jony Carrett [?]
6d        Maly Boy [?]
6d        Rich Cannell p amercement
6d        Wm Naylor [?]
6d        Jony Cannon [?]
6d        Rich Cannell p amercement
6d        Jo Quayle and his son [confirmis?]

Sum the fines {6s 2d}