1609 survey of leases (covering 1542-1609)

A literal transcription of this section of the Knowsley Lease Book is given below. Further information about it may be found in the Records section of this website.


This transcription is published by permission of the Rt Hon. The Earl of Derby 2014.


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[Leases prior to 1610]
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                         The Isle of Mann

Anno dni            A breffe colleccon off all suche leases w[i]th in the
1609                Isle of mann as have beene formerly grannted by some of Erles of derby
                    to th[e] inhabitants thereof w[i]th theire severall dates what acres they soe
                    conteyne, what rents are resrved what estats are in beinge, and what
                    is the true valuacon of every pticuler rated by the oathes of an especiall
                    Jurie impannelld onlie for that s[er]vice who vewed eich sevrall demyse and
                    valued the same,

Lessore            the names of tenants            Kirke arberie                      Estates or
                   date of leases                  Kirke malewe                       termes of 
                                                     parishes                         leases

                                                   tenements acres
                                                   rents valuacons

Henrie Derby       John Steevenson and             the Farme of balladocoll           John Stevenson
                   Alice his wyeffe: the vjth       and the Calffe: Acres              his lyeffe in
                   of Febuarrie in 23 of           Clxx Rent of balladacoll           beinge
                   Elizabeth                       vjl for the Calffe Rent
                                                   xxvjs viijd ffyne ffor
                                                   balladokolle xiijl vjs viijd
                                                   ffor the Calffe vl

                                                  Kirke arberie

Henry derby        Thomas Tyldesley                one pcell of Lande rent             three Lyves in
                   the viijth of August in          8 acres of Rente vijs               beinge
                   the 31 Elizabeth                ffyne xxs

Henry derby        Thomas Tyldsley the             one mesuage & tente cont            out of lease
                   vth of marche the xxxiiijth      xviii acres Rente xjs vd
                   of Elizabeth the queene         valuacon or fyne - xs

Tho Stanley        henrie Horrs                    one quarter of grounde              terme expyred
                                                   and markell more cont
                                                   ffourtie acr[es] Rente xxijs
                                                   viijd and vs viijd valew
                                                   or ffyne - xls

                   Willm Shurlock                  [?] Myll Rente                      terme expired
                   and others                      xs valuacn xxs

                   George Stanley                  the tenmt called by the             terme expired
                                                   name of ball[a]inkyne [?]
                                                   [?] Rente iijl vs viijd
                                                   Vall[uac]on vjl

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                                      The parish of kirke

Lessore            the names of tennts             tenements acres                    Estate or termes
                   date of leases                  rents and valuacons                of leases

Thomas Stanley     Thomas Lucas                    one tente conteyninge              out of lease or
by Comission       the ffirst of Julie in          ffourtie eighte acres              terme expyred
                   4th of Eliz:                     Rente iijl xiiijs ijd val
                                                   or ffyne iijl

Henry derby        John moore Margaret Moore       one water Corne mylne              Thomas moore
                   and Thomas Moore ffirst         one mylne [ffood?] one Cotage      in beinge
                   of March 20: Elizabeth          or [disuml?] Rente xxxs
                                                   viijd and xijd val iijl

Henry derby        Thomas Moore the                ffoure Crofts conteyninge          Thomas yet
                   xxviiith July 29 Eliz            3 acres Rente viijs                in Lyeffe
                                                   valuacon or xxs

Henry Derby        George Preston                  One Clausure of                    expired or out of
                   lease confessed                 Lands of two acres                 Lease
                                                   Rente viijd val vjs viijd

Henry derby        Katherine Moore                 Twoe Clausures of                  Two yeres yet
                   vith Aprill 23 of               grounde conteynninge vj            in beinge
                   Elizabeth                       acres Rente vjs val
                                                   vjs viijd

Th: Stanley        Reginalde Lucas                 one pcell of Lande                 expyred or out of
by Comission       the xxix of Ma: 4               conteyninge xiiij acres            Lease
                   of Elizabeth                    Rente xiijs val xiijs

Tho Stanley        Margaret Lucas                  Snte michaels Islande              expired or out
                                                   and other lands in                 of lease
                                                   Langnose acres xxx,
                                                   Rente xxiijs val xxs

Thomas Stanley     John Clarke 25 Aug              one Clausure of Lande              John Jounge
                   the vth of Elizabeth            conteyninge six acres
                                                   Rente viijs val xxs

                   John halsall                    one house one garden               Expired
                                                   Rente xviijd val vs

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                                           kirke malewe

Lessore            the names of the                tents acres                        Estate or 
                   tennts date of leases           rents valuacons                    terms

Henry derby        Gilbte Moore                    one Clausure of                    out of lease
                   27 July 25 Eliz                 lande Called tontenby
                                                   conteyninge ffoure
                                                   acres Rente iiijs
                                                   val iijs iiijd

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                                           The parishe off kirke

Lessore            the names of the                tenements                          Estate or 
                   tennts and date of              acres rents and                    terms
                   leases                          valuacons

Henry derby        Richard hodgson                 Certen pcells of                   Expired
                   Lease confessed                 lande called [kirmmes?]
                                                   grounds acres 36
                                                   Rente xxvjs viijd
                                                   valuacon xxxs

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                                           The parish off kirk

                                     Noe tenant wth in that parish
                                     because of the barren soyle there

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                                          The parish Christe

Lessors            the names of the                tenements acres                    Estate or 
                   tennts and dates                rents and valuacons                termes
                   of Leases

Henry derby        Gilbte Nelson                   twoe quarters of grounde           Expired
                   patricke waterson               and one pcell of Comon
                   25 June of Eliz:                acres 60 & 5: Rent
                                                   xxiiijs vijd & ijs vjd
                                                   val xiijs iiijd & vjs viijd

Thomas Stanley     Roger Taylor &                  one halffe quarter                 John Taylor
by Comission       others 2 Maii 4                 of lande 2 pcells                  his lyeffe in
                   Elizabeth                       of Intacke acres                   beinge
                                                   xv rente xvs val

Henry derby        henrie wattleworth              one pcell of Intake                one lyeffe in
                   and his assignes John           and one pcell of intack            Beinge
                   Taylor by assigmte              meydowe & pasture
                   19 No: 31 Eliz:                 and one halffe quarter
                                                   of grounde acres viij
                                                   & xv: Rente xiijs
                                                   valuacon xs and xs

                   John Nelson                     houseland tenement                 Expired

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                                          The parish of kirke

Lessors            tenants and date                tenements                          Estates or 
                   of Leases                       acres rents                        termes
                                                   & valuacons

Henry derby        Silvester halsall               twoe water Corne                   Expired
                   6 August 26 Eliz                mylnes called Carney
                                                   and balure rent xxviijs
                                                   valuacon iiijl

Henrie derby       Edmunde Christen and            twoe pcells of lande               Thomas and 
                   others 26 July 29               called Carretts                    Katherine in
                   of Elizabeth                    Cloughe acres three                beinge
                                                   rente vjs xd val
                                                   vjs viijd

Henry derby        John Christen and               one tente acres xxx                two yeres yet
                   daholde Chri: 8 Aug             rente xxiijs iiijd val              unexpyred
                   31 Elizabeth                    xxxs

Tho Stanley        Nicholas Clucas                 one quarter of                     one lyeffe in
by Comission       28 May 4 Eliza:                 lands acr[e]s xl Rent              beinge
                                                   xxvs viijd valuacon

henry derby        Willm harryson                  one tente wth other                three lyves in
                   and others 6 June               pcells acres xl rent               beinge
                   34 of Elizabeth                 xxijs vijd valuacon

henry derby        John Nicholson 9                one house & one croft              three lyves in
                   No: 30 Eliz:                    acres 2 rent vijs                  beinge
                                                   valuacon iijs iiijd
henry derby        katherine Corkill               one Cotage & certen                Expired
                   4 No: 27 Eliz                   lands acres 2 Rente
                                                   iiijs valucon vs

George             paterick Corkill                a tent acr[e]s xv                  Expyred
Stanley and        4 yere of Ed                    Rente vijs vjd
others by          6                               valuacon xiijs iiijd

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                                          The parish of kirke

Lessors            tenants and date                tenements acres                    Estates or 
                   of leases                       rents & valuacons                  termes

Edward Derby       John Moore xv                   one Mesuage wth                    Expired
                   August 33 henry                 [thapremme?] acres
                   8                               xxx Rente xixs ijd
                                                   valuacon xiijs iiijd

Henry derby        Thomas Quaine                   one water Corne                    Expired
                   28 Julie 29 Eliz                mylne Rente xxjs
                                                   valuacon xxs

Thomas Stanley     Thomas Woods 22                 one walk myle                      Expired
                   Aprill 4 Elizabeth              rente xxxs valn

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                                          The parish of kirke

Lessors            tenants and                     tente acres rents                  Estate or 
                   date of leases                  and valuacons                      termes
Henry derby        Nicholas Moore &                two quarters of land               All lyves in
                   his assignes 31 maii            acres lx Rente xxijs                beinge
                   34 Elizabeth                    xjd valuacon xxs

Henry derby        Nicholas Moore 23               one pcell of Intacke               two lives in
                   Julie 29 Elizabeth              acres xxx Rente xs                  beinge
                                                   valuacon xxs

                                        kirke Christ and marrowe pishes

henry derby        Richard bondshawe               All the tithes and                 three Lyves
                   10 Apr xxix of                  gleeb lande belonginge             in beinge
                   Elizabeth                       to the Churches of
                                                   Kirke Christe &
                                                   Kirke marrowe of
                                                   the rente of xiiijl
                                                   xvjs vjd valuacon

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                                  The parishe of kirke

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres rents                   Estate or 
                   date of leases                 and valuacons                       termes

Thomas             Paule Gellinge                 one quarter and a halffe            one Lyeffe
Stanley            4 maii 4 Eliz                  of Lands one Intacks                in beinge
                                                  acres xlv Rente xxiiijs vjd
                                                  valuacon xxs

Thomas             John Moore 12 maii             twoe quarters and                   one lyeffe in
Stanley            4 Eliz                         a halffe of grounde                 beinge
                                                  twoe myles lxxv
                                                  acres Rente xxxvijs
                                                  vijs and vs valuacon
                                                  xxxiijs iiijd and

henrie Derby       Robte Calcotte                 one water Corne Rente               twoe yeres in
                   6 Julie 32 Eliz                viijs iiijd valewe vjl               Beinge

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                                  The parish of kirke

Lessors            tenants and date               tenements acres                     Estate or 
                   of Leases                      Rents & valuacons                   termes

henry              Willm mc Joihgen               one pcell of grounde                Three yeres
Derby              5 March 34 Eliz                conteyninge 3 acres                 unexpired
                                                  rente viijd valewe

henrie             John Cougge                    one pcell of ground                 one yere unexpired
Derby              8 August 1589                  acres xv Rente viijs
                                                  iijd dooce of the Rent

Gilbte Parr        Mrke mc Christen               one tenemente acres                 Expired
and other          4 July 1541                    xxxvij Rente xxvs
Comissioners                                      value vjs viijd

By certen          xpofer Cowley                  halffe a quarter of                 Expired
Comissioners                                      grounde acres xv
                                                  Rente xs ijd dooce
                                                  of the rentt

                                  The sevrall pishes of kirke ball androse
                                             Jurby and Bryde

henry derby        humfrey Scaresbrick            sevrall Closes in these             one yere unex[=]
                   19 No: 31 Elizabeth            foure severall pishes               pyred
                                                  acres ix and 3 Roods
                                                  Lande rent not sett
                                                  downe valewe xxxs

                   Willm moore                    three pts of one                    terme expired
                   by Recorde of                  quarter of lande
                   Courte                         xx acres Rente
                                                  xvijs valewe vjs

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                                      kirke bryde

Lessors            tenants date                   tenements                           Estate
                   of Leases                      acres Rents                         
                                                  and valuacons

Lease confessed    Willm quarke                   a tenemente                         Expired
                                                  xxx acres
                                                  Rente xvijs
                                                  ixd ob valewe

Lease confessed    Mrke mc Joighen                halffe a quarter                    Expired
                                                  of Lande conteyninge
                                                  xv acres Rente
                                                  viijs xd ob valewe

Lease confessed    Willm mc                       A tente of xl                       Expired
                   Joighon                        acres Rente
                                                  xxiijs iiijd valewe

henry derby        Danold mc                      the ffourth pte                     Expired
                   Cowle                          of one quarter
                                                  of grounde acres
                                                  vij rente iiijs iiijd

henry derby        Gibbon Cowley                  one tenemente                       Expired
                   29 July 25 Eliz                beinge one qr of
                                                  grounde Acres
                                                  26 Rente xxijs
                                                  valewe iiijs 

henry derby        Donald xpen                    one halffe q of                     Expired
                   8 Junii 29 Eli:                grounde contt
                   zabeth                         xv acres Rente
                                                  viijs ijd dooce
                                                  of the Rente

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                                  The parishe of kirke

Lessors            Tennts and                     tenements acres                     Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents & valuacns                    leases

henry derby        Danolde xpen                   one pcell of lande                  Expired
                   27 July 24                     conteyninge 2 acres
                   Elizabeth                      Rente ijs vjd val
                                                  xiijs iijd

Hen: Derby         John Christen                  one halfe quarter of                Expired
                   8 June 29 Eliz                 grounde and the 4th
                                                  parte of one halffe
                                                  quarter and one Close
                                                  in the myres acres
                                                  xviij and v Rente
                                                  xxs jd ob dooce of
                                                  the Rente

                                  Kirk michaell and Ballalough

Henry derby        Thomas Woodds                  one tenemente and                   one lyfe in
                   and others John                other pcells of lands               Beinge
                   woodds 26 marcii               2 parts of a water
                   27 Elizabeth                   Corne myle one pcell
                                                  of lande and one pcell
                                                  of Intacce acres
                                                  lxii rente xxxixs iijd
                                                  value xvjs viijd

henry derby        Thomas Woods                   one pcell of                        one Live in
                   and others 26 July             Intacke conteyninge                 Beinge
                   29 Elizabeth                   one acre Rente
                                                  xvijd valuacon
                                                  ijs vjd

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                                   kirke Balla: and

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents & valn:                       termes

henrie derby       Donalde Gawen                  one tente and quartr                Expired or
                   Thomas Gawen                   of lande 3 intackes                 or terme [ended?]
                   20 Julie 25 Eliz:              one other intacke and
                                                  one halffe Close cont
                                                  xxx acres, the
                                                  severall rents videlt
                                                  xxs xd vijs xjd vijs
                                                  iiijd iiijs dooce of
                                                  the rente and made
                                                  good by the settinge
                                                  quest: valewe viijs
                                                  vijs iiijd vjs

                                     Ballalough pish

Thomas Stanley    hugh Clerke                     one pasture of ground               one Lyeff
                  25 august 5 Eliz                and one other pasture               in beinge
                                                  and two other pcells
                                                  Conteyninge 3 acres
                                                  rente ijs xjd valewe
                                                  xs one lyeffe in

Henry derby       Phillip Curleott                one Inclosure in the                Expired
                  4 Novembr 27                    myres Conteyninge
                  Elizabeth                       three acres rent xijd
                                                  valewe iiijs

Lease loste       Phillipe Corleod                twoe quarters of lande              Expired
                  noe date or lease               and one Inclosure in
                                                  the myres Conteyninge
                                                  lxviij acres Rente
                                                  xxviijs viijd and
                                                  vijs vijd ob valewe
                                                  vjs viijd and xxjd

Lease Loste       Phillip Curleott                one Close in the myres              Expired
                                                  one pcell of iijd Rent
                                                  one Cotage acres
                                                  twoe and a halffe and
                                                  one mylle viijd Rente
                                                  Rent in tot ijs iijd xxd
                                                  value vjs & vjd

Ballaloughe       [NO ENTRY]

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                                   The parishe of kirk

Lessors            tenants and                    tents rents                         Estate or 
                   date of leases                 acres and                           termes

Lease              Patricke Cayne                 one Lough and one                   one lyeffe in
lost               and others                     water mylle acres                   Beinge
                                                  lxxx Rente xxs fyne

henrie             Thomas mc Crey                 Halffe quarter of                   Expired
Derby              3 August 28 Eliz               grounde conteyninge
                                                  xv acres Rente xs
                                                  iijd valewe ijs vjd

Henry              Dollyn gowen                   one pcell of Comon                  Expired
Derby              8 August 1589                  Conteyninge 4 acres
                                                  rente xijd valewe

Lease lost         Donnald xpien                  one mylle and three                 Expired
                   and others                     Crofts Conteyninge
                                                  one acre Rente
                                                  xviijs valewe xxs

Lease              John Gawen                     A tenemente                         Expired
confessed                                         Intacks conteyninge
                                                  xxij acres & xxiiij
                                                  acres rents xxijs 
                                                  and xvijs vjd dooce
                                                  of the rent valewe

Lease              John Crane                     A tenemente                         Expired or
confessed                                         Conteyninge                         out of lease
                                                  xxx acres
                                                  Rente xviijs
                                                  vjd valewe

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                                   The parish of kirk
                                     Christ in the Aire

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents and                           terms

henry derby        Mark Connelley                 one Close conteyninge               one lyeffe
                   8 August 1589                  4 acres rente iiijs                 in beinge
                                                  iiijd value xiijs 4d

                                   kirke andrese and Christ in
                                       the Aire

Lessors            tenants and date               tents acres rents                   Estate or 
                   of Leases                      and valuacons                       termes
Henry derby        henry Radclyffe                Twoe Closses                        Expired
H D                ffirst [?] 28 Eliz             Rente vjs iiijd
                                                  valewe xijs

                                   kirke Christe in the

henry derby       Willm Crowe and                 one pcell of lande                  twoe yeres
                  John Standishe                  conteyninge vi acr[e]s
                  21 March 32 Eliz                Rente iijs viijd val xxs

henry derby       Danolde mc Ilrea                one pcell of lande                  two yeres
                  29 July 32 Eliz                 acres 4 rent ijs                    unexpired
                                                  valewe xvjs

henry derby       John Standishe                  one Closse acres                    two yeres
                  20 may 32 Eliz                  foure et di rent                    unexpyred
                                                  iiijs viijd valewe

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                                   kirke Christ in the

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate or 
                   date of lease                  and rents                           termes
                                                  wth valuacons

Henry              John Corleott                  one pcell of Land                   two Lyves
derby              and others 28                  Conteyninge 4 acres                 in beinge
                   Julie 29 Eliz                  rent iiijs iiijd valewe

henrie             Willm mc quayle                the ffourth pte                     two Lyves
Derby              and others 28                  of one quarter of                   in beinge
                   July 29 Eliz:                  lande acres of rent
                                                  vs vjd valewe ijs

henry              Ewan Carrett                   all those sevrall                   Expired
Derby              26 Julie 29 Eliz               Intacks conteyninge
                                                  16 acres rente
                                                  xvjs vijd the
                                                  valewe liijs iiijd

henry derby        Willm Carrett                  one pcell of lande                  Three years
                   vth of March 34                conteyninge 2 acr[e]s               unexpired
                   Elizabeth                      di rente xvjd
                                                  valewe iiijs

henri derby        Donolde kellie                 one tente or halffe                 Twoe Lyves
                   25 december 31                 quarter of grounde                  in beinge
                   Eliz                           acres xv rente
                                                  xs ixd valewe ijs

henry derby        Robte Crowe                    one pcell of grounde                Expired
                   31 August                      conteyninge one
                   28 Elizabeth                   halffe acre Rente
                                                  ijs valewe iiijs

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                                   kirke kriste in the

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate  
                   date of leases                 rents and val                       or terme

henry              Robte Crere                    one Cotage and                      Expired
Derby              17 ffebr 33                    a pcell of inclosure
                   Elizabeth                      Conteyninge one
                                                  acre Rente vjd
                                                  valewe ijs

henry              John Curghie                   ffoure sevrall                      Expired
Derby              27 Jn 25 Eliz                  Intacks wth
                                                  other pcell of
                                                  ground acres
                                                  xxv rente xxvs
                                                  vd value iijl

henry              Willm Lucas                                 The terme expired
Derby              29 July 25 Eliz
                   one Close wth other
                   pcells of Lande
                   acres 10 rent xs
                   iiijd valewe
                   xxvjs viijd

henry              Edmunde Ellize                 one halffe quarter                  ffyve yeres
Derby              13 July 34 Eliz:               of lande and ffoure                 unexpr
                                                  pcells of Intacke
                                                  acres xv et viij
                                                  rente xjs & viijs
                                                  iiijd valewe vjs
                                                  & xxs

henry derby        John Curghie                   one pcell of ground                 ffoure yeres
                   5 March 34                     Conteyninge 2                       unexspent
                   Elizabeth                      acres rent xijd
                                                  valew xijd

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                                   kirke Christ in the

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents & valua[tio]n                 termes

H derby
H D                John Standish and              one pcell of Intacke                one Lyeffe in
                   others 26 July 29              conteyninge two acres               Beinge
                   Elizabeth                      Rente ijs valewe

H derby            Thomas Samsbury                one water Corne                     terme expired
                   18 June 29 Eliz                mylne Rente xs
                                                  value xxs

henry derby        Ewan Christen 7                Greate mylle towne                 for one hundreth yeres
                   August 28 Eliz                 and little myll towne               yf the sade Ewan so
                                                  2 water mylnes C[?]                 Longe shall lyve
                                                  Rente vl vijs ijd
                                                  value vl iijs

henry derby        Edmund Christen                Certen Intacke in the               terme expired
                   26 July 29 Eliz:               myres conteyning 8
                                                  acres rente viijs viijd
                                                  valewe xxxiijs

Lease confessed    Phillipp Crowe                 Certen Intacks                      terme expired
                                                  Cont jd acre
                                                  Rente xvjd valewe

henry              Willm Radclyffe                svrall Closses in                   Expired
derby              and his assignes               the myres acr[e]s
                   1 Aug 26 Eliz                  xviii Rente xviijs
                                                  iijd value iijl
                                                  vjs viijd
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                            kirke Christ and
                               kirke Jourby

Thomas             Donell Mc                      one pasture of                      one lyffe
Stanley            Cayne 10 Augt                  grounde and one                     in beinge
                   5 Elizabeth                    halffe of other
                                                  Close Cont
                                                  ffyteene acres
                                                  Rente xjs viijd
                                                  et iiijs ijd value
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                                   The parish of kirk

Lessors            tenants and date               tents acres                         Estate or 
                   of leases                      rents and                           termes

Thomas             William Mc Allowe              one quarter of grounde              Expired
Stanley by         23 may 4 Eliz                  one pcell of Comon
Comission                                         one other pcell of
                                                  grounde Conteyninge
                                                  xxxj acre di lij acr[e]s
                                                  Rente xiiijs ixd, xviijd
                                                  ijs vjd valuacon iiijs
                                                  iiijs iiijs

Thomas             Dannolde mc kellie             4th parte of one qr                 one Lyeffe in
Stanley            xiiij maye 4 Eliz              of lande conteyninge                Beinge
                                                  viij acres rent ijs
                                                  iiijd val ijs

Henry derby        Thomas Woods                   one tente and other                 prmis int[?] in
                   and others 26 of               pcells of lande two                 Ball
                   March 24 Eliz                  pts of one water Corne
                                                  myle one pcell of lande             one Lyeffe 
                                                  and one pcell of [turbury?]         in beinge
                                                  conteyning lxij acr[e]s
                                                  rente xxxixs iiijd
                                                  val xvjs viijd

Thomas             Willm mc Cannell               di qter and the                     Terme
Stanley            11 July 4                      4th pte of a                         Expired
                   Elizabeth                      quarter of
                                                  grounde acres
                                                  22 rent xiiijs
                                                  ijd val iijs

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                                     Kirk michaell

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents and                           termes

Lease confessed    Willm Quayle                   A tente conteyninge                 Expired
                   John Quayle                    thirtie acres rente
                                                  xvijs vjd val ijs

Lease lost         Richard Cayne &                a tenemente cont                    terme expired
                   pattericke Cortage             thirtie acres Rente
                                                  xvjs value vs

Lease confessed    Willm mc Fyre                  a tenemente cont                    terme
                   John mc ffrere                 ffytie twoe acres                   expired
                                                  Rente xxxijs dooce
                                                  of rente

Lease confessed    John kellie &                  A Mylne Rente                       Expyred
                   Donolde Croaghen               xijs value xs

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                                   The parish of kirk

Henry              Danolde Christen               one pcell of grounde                term
derby              28 July 29 Eliz                Conteyninge two                     Expired
                                                  acres et di Rente
                                                  xxjd value vs

Henry derby        John mc lace and John          one pcell of Comon                  Expyred
                   Radclyffe 8 August             Conteyninge iiij acres
                   1589                           rente xijd value

                               kirke Andross and Jourby

henry derby        John mc brewe 18 Sept          one quartr & a halffe of            one Lyeffe in
                   30 Eliz:                       lande and othr intacke              Beinge
                                                  Cont [xlv?] acr[e]s and xvij
                                                  acr[e]s rente xxvjs xd
                                                  xvjs viijd value vijs
                                                  & xxxs

                               kirke Christ Androsse Jourby

henry derby        Dollin mc kaye                 Two quarters of                     Expired
                   26 July 29 Eliz                grounde & other sevrall
                                                  intacks cont lx and
                                                  xvii acres rente xxxs
                                                  xvijs viijd value
                                                  iiijs xxxs

                               kirke Androsse

henry              John Standishe                 one pcell of wast                   one Lyeffe in
derby              and others 26 July             conteyninge nyne acres              Beinge                           
                   29th Eliz                       Rente iijs value vijs

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                                   kirke andross

Lessors            tenants and                    tenements                           Estate 
                   date of leases                 acres rents                         or terms
                                                  and valucn

henry derby        Willm mc knealle               one pcell of Lands                  ffoure yeres
                   25 Octobr 34                   conteyninge one acre                unexpired
                   Eliz:                          et di rente viijd
                                                  value iijs

Lease              Patrick Brewe                  one pcell of                        Expired
confessed                                         Intack Cont
                                                  v acres Rent vs
                                                  value vjs

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                                   The parish of kirk

Lessors            tenants and                    tentements acres                    Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents & valuacons                   termes

Thomas             Danolde mc Cayne               one quarter and a halfe             Expired
Stanley            16 June 4 Eliz                 of grounde conteyninge
                                                  xlv acres of Lande
                                                  rente xxvjs iijd val

Thomas             Robte Teare                    one quarter of grounde              Expired
Stanley            20 maii 5 Eliz:                Conteyninge xxx acres
                                                  rente xvjs ijd val

Lease confessed    Willm Clerke                   A tenement and                      terme not knowne
                   noe date or sight              Intacke conteyninge
                   of Lease                       xlv acr[e]s and x
                                                  acres the Intacke
                                                  rente xxvjs & ixs
                                                  xjd dooce rented
                                                  value xxs

Lease              Willm Clerke                   halff a quarter of                  Expired
Confessed          noe date of lease              grounde conteyninge
                                                  xv acres Rente ixs
                                                  value ijs vjd

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                                   	The parish of Kirk

Lessors            tenants and date               tents acres                         Estate or 
                   of leases                      rents and                           termes

Henry derby        Thomas Binfroughe              one pcell of Comon                  Expired
                   26 Julie 29 Eliza:             Conteyninge xiiij acr[e]s
                                                  rente ijs iiijd valewe

Henry Derby        Willm Bridesonne               halffe quarter of grounde           terme
                   10 July 26 Elizabeth           and two sevrall pcells              expired
                                                  of lande conteyninge
                                                  xv acres rente viijs viijd
                                                  value ijs

Hen Derby          Thomas Radclyffe               Twoe sevrall pcells of              one lyeffe
                   8 August 1589                  Lande Conteyninge                   in beinge
                                                  vj acres rente iijs
                                                  iiijd dooce rented

Hen Derby          Roger Barnowe                  one pcell of lande cont             ffoure yeres
                   5 March 24 Eliz                one acre and one roode              unexpired
                                                  lande rente xvd val

Hen derby          Phillipp Corlett               one pcell of Customary              twoe yeres
                   29 July 32 Eliz:               lande Conteyninge 3                 unexpired
                                                  acr[e]s di rente iijs iiijd
                                                  value xviijd

Henry derby        Phillippe Crosse               one pcell of grounde                three yeres
                   28 ffebr 33 Eliz               Conteyninge one acre                unexpired
                                                  di Rente vjd val

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                                   kirke German

Lessors            tenants and                    tents acres                         Estate or 
                   date of leases                 rents and                           termes

Hen derby          Willm hunter                   one pcell of Lande                  twoe yeres unexpired
                   29 Julie 32 Eliz:              Conteyninge v acres
                                                  rente ijs value xijd

Hen derby          John Robyson 5 March           one tente and certen                4 yeres
                   34 Eliz                        pcells of lande cont                unexpired
                                                  2 acres di Rente
                                                  Rente iijs iijd val

Lease              John Crellin                   one peece of farme                  Expired
Confessed          noe date of lease              Lande Conteyninge
and Lost                                          three acres rente
                                                  ijs ijd value ijs

Hen: derby         John Twatts 8                  one Close cont one                  one yere
                   August 1589                    acre Rente xd                       unexpired
                                                  value xd

Lease confessed    Donell Cayne and               A mylne in theire                   terme
and Lost           Thomas kellie                  Joyne occupacon                     ended
                   Lease noe date                 Rente xiijs iiijd
                                                  value vjs viijd

Lease              Gilbte [K?]athine              A tenemente Cont                    terme
Confessed          noe date of lease              xxxv acres Rente                    ended
                                                  xxs iiijd value

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                                   kirk german

Lessors            tenants and                    tenements                           Estate 
                   date of leases                 acres rents                         or terms
                                                  and valuacons

Lease              John Dawson                    A myle and                          terme
Confessed          noe lease sene                 grounde there                       expired
                                                  unto belonginge
                                                  Rente vjs viijd
                                                  and xvjd

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                                   The parish of kirk

Lessors            tenants and                    tenements                           Estate or 
                   date of leases                 acres rents                         termes
                                                  and valuacons

Hen derby          Gyles Crosse                   the viijth of a                     One Lyffe
                   26 Julie 29 El                 quarter of Lande                    in beinge
                                                  the iiijth pte of a
                                                  quarter of Lande
                                                  Conteyninge ten
                                                  acres rente xs
                                                  viijd q value

Henry              Thomas Crayne                  a tenemente and one                 Terme
Derby              24 June 25 Eliz                quarter of grounde                  ended
                                                  and the 3d pte of a
                                                  quartr and one
                                                  house Conteyninge
                                                  in all xl acres
                                                  Rente xxxvijs
                                                  ixd ob value
                                                  the some of xs

Henry derby        Thomas Burfrough               one walke mylle                     terme
                   and his assignes               and one pcell of                    ended
                   9 August 31 Eliz               Lande Conteyninge
                   Regine Anglie                  2 Acres Rent ls
                   &c                             value vl

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                                   kirke pattericke

Lessors            tenants and date               tents acres                         Estate or 
                   of Leases                      rents and                           termes

Henry              hugh Quaye                     The Eighte pte                      terme
Derby              the ffirst Day                 of one quarter of                   expired
                   of August 26                   Lande conteyninge
                   Elizabeth                      ffoure acres rent
                                                  iijs vjd ob qr
                                                  value xijd

           The names of the Jurors wch Inquired
           the valewes of eich Severall ^demyse^ on the South

            Charles moore                    John moore
            Willm Qualthrough                Philipp moore
            John Tayler                      John Corkell
            Thomas Creer                     Thomas Woods
            Nicholas harrison                Willm huchyn
            James Burke                      Willm Cubbin

           The reason why these ffarmes and tenements
           are so lowe valued is because they are now
           yerelie chardged wth duble rente

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           memorand that in every vacant place
           wantinge it ffull instrucons the pties
           there expressed shewed noe Leases but did acknowledge
           to have hadd leases formerly grannted wch everie one
           requyred myghte be renewed

           The names of the Jurors wch 
           Inquired of the valewes of eich 
           Severall demyse on the northsyde

            Willm Brideson                   Phillipp Corlett
            Phillipe Carrett                 Willm Curghie
            John Crosse                      Willm Cowley
            John Christen                    Gilbte Cannell
            Willm Corlett                    John Brewe
            Dollen Cayne                     John Leece

           The reason why wee have value the tents and
           quarte Lands att soe lowe rate as are above
           expressed is for that the tenants thereof
           are yerely chardged wth the paiemente of
           a double rente ffor the same

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