Spiritual Customary Laws

The following is my transcription of the spiritual customary laws as recorded in the Derby Papers.


Derby Papers 1715/21
Insula Mona 1667

The accustomed unwritten laws untill
now practised continually by the Church are as follows

[in margin] 1 Rape how proceeded against
That such as are accused of Rape be preceeded
against in the Spiritual Court in manner and form as of
sorcery as is expressed in the 40th spiritual statute

[in margin] 2 Debts surmounting the Inventory
That when a Debt appears to be due from a Deceadt
to the Lord and the Deceadts debts suromounting the Inventory
the Lord Debt is first to be paid, secondly orphans goods &
afterwards the rest of the claimers penny pound like by the
Generall Sumner if none else undertake to administer after
the goods are sold at the markett cross to their best value

[in margin] 3 Excommunicate psons irregular
That an excommunicate person persisting irregular
is to be imprisoned & delivered over body and goods to ye Lord's mercy

[in margin] 4 fines imposed are given to ye Comptroller after mitigation [] the ordinary
That all fines imposed by the Church are given in
charge to the Comprollr after the ordinary has mitigated
the same according to the spirituall statute.

[in margin] 5 A man dying intestate hath but one child
That notwithstanding the 8th spiritual statute it hath
been accustomed that if there be but one child betwixt man
and wife and the man dyed intestate the kindred of the
father by vertue of that statute was to have the tuition of
that said child and goods untill he came to 14 years of age.
yet in regard by wofull experience it was found that
such orphans were very much neglected in their good usage
and the church conceiving unfitt to [admitt?] the tuition of
a child to him or her yt was to have his estate of lands and
goods after his decease ordered always as appears on record
that the mother if she be alive, or if not the next related
on her side should have the tuition of the said child to whom
none of the estate fell due by his death, and to be rewarded
out of the profitts of the said estate and goods at the sight of
four sworn men. The same rule observed if the estate
come by the mother always provided that the court find such
next relations capable of this charge otherwise may Decree
as they think most fitt for the child's safety and best usage.
But all this in case there be not a will made wherein the child
and goods are otherwise disposed of.

[in margin] 6th A farmer that takes in corn without tyth to be sworn.
That if a farmer take in Corn to thresh without
notice given to the proctor or takeing of two neighbours
according to the 17th spirituall statute the farmer shall
swear what corn he so made use of that the proctor may
have his due tyth and the farmer be punished at the
ordinary's discretion for his contempt

[in margin] 7th farmers to be sworn as oft as occasion
That all farmers be sworn that will not
bring into their folds all their sheep and lambs at such
time as the proctor shall appoint according to the 23[r]d
spiritual statute and for all other manner of tyth as
occasion is given.

[in margin] 8th Exrs ar lawfull years not demanding debt &c he then &c
That if any Exr at lawfull years do not demand
a debt due from a creditor (except it be menconed in the
will) within a year and a day after the probate of the
Will, [2 crossed through lines]
he nonsuites himself. But if any goods be concealed he is to look for
a relief not in the spiritual court but in the temporal court.

[in margin] 9th all yt claim & not prove within a year & a day are nonsuited. Except &c
That all claimers that enter their claim and prove
not the same in the spiritual court within a year and a day after
the probate of the will are nonsuited; such as have specialtys
or witnesses are to prove in court and such who have none
upon the graves or to have no further relief. And this because
no perfect Inventory can be brought in for orphans goods
or pledges be procured to secure such goods and ye office discharged.

[in margin] 10th such as endeavour to prove within a year & a day without bond 
[in margin] or witnesses is to swear on ye Grave with compurgators or else nonsuited
That he that enteres his claim within the year and a day
after the probate of the will and endeavouring to prove the same
within the limitted time without Bill Bond or Evidence shall
prove the same upon the Grave of him or her from whom ye
debt was due with lawfull compurgators according to the antient
form, that is to say lying on his back with the bible on his
breast and his compurgators on either side one. And if do
not prove as well as enter duly within the year and a day
he is nonsuited in the spiritual and to have no hearing in
the temporal when the orphants and relations are less able
to answer or defend themselves.

[in margin] 11th A desperate debt bequeathed ye Exr not liable to make it good except
That if a desparate debt be bequeathed unto any that
cannot be recovered the Exr is not lyable to make the same
good to the Legatory; but if the Legatory find that this debt
is lost thro' negligence of the Execr for want of due psecution
and can justly prove the same he is notwithstanding to be
relieved and the supervisors are concerned in this if the execr
or legatory be under age.

[in margin] 12th all legacys to be paid within 14 days except
That all legacys according to the statute be paid within
14 days: yet when the Exr or supervisor cannot within the said
limitation possess themselves of any of the goods answerable
to those legacys they being of custody of others the Church
in discretion may grant a longer time to the Execr and
that it be lawfully demanded.

[in margin] 13th A legacy in another man's hands
That when a testator doth bequeath a legacy to any
person being in the hands of another man and not the
execrs and if that man and the legatory come to an agreent
and pay any part of the legacy, the executor is free and
not any more to be troubled.

[in margin] 14th A legacy bequeathed to be paid unless &c
That when a legacy is bequeathed to any man
to whom also a debt is due from the testator he may have
both unless the testator declared that that legacy is in
consideration of the particular debt

[in margin] 15th No legacies to be paid when the debt surmount the Inventory
[in margin] after debts dischargd the legatory to be paid penny pound like
That when the goods do not extend to the payments
of the debts no legacys are to [be] paid but if the goods
surmount the debts (and the the Exrs have but six pence
left when the legacies and debts are discharged) In
such a case the legacies are to be paid and if there be
not so much as will pay all legacys (the debts being first
paid) the Legatorys are to be paid penny pound like.

[in margin] 16 They that defame the dead punished.
That such as defame the dead are to make pennance
and to ask the kindred forgiveness, because it was done in
disgrace of all his relations. And publication to be made
that none revive the same in penalty of 3l to the Lord
and 40 days imprisonment.

[in margin] 17th A slanderer to prove or to be punished
That if any aspersion be cast on man or woman
the slanderer is to be punished if he cannot prove the same
and the like publication to be made for the living party
as for the dead as before next above mentioned.

[in margin] 18th an Appeal from the spiritual to the temporal if not proved then &c
That when any appeal is made from the spiritual
judge to the Staff and the appealant not able to disprove
the judication that appellant to be returned to the church
to be fined and punished for his unjust appeal.

[in margin] That he that strikes a minister shall be excomunicated
(ipso facto) and to do pennance and after satisfaction given to the
Law to receive absolution and to be received at the church stile
into the church the minister reading before him the 5th psalm
and before the congregation to repeat his schedule after the minister

[in margin] 20th A minister yt committ an heinous crime how preceded against
That when a minister commits any heinous fault
or a crime very much unbeseeming his function the ordinary may
suspend him and by the advice of the clergy may proceed further
against him according to law and his desert

[in margin] 21th a minister not yeilding canonnical licence how proceeded agt
That when a minister yeilds not canonical obedience to his
ordinary or his chief officers or comits any other fault deserving:
the ordinary or his vicar generall shall suspend him ab officio
et beneficio untill he conform

[in margin] 22 He that calls a man a dog, or a woman a bitch how proceedd agt
That he or she that calls a man a dog or a woman a bitch
shall wear the bridle at the markett cross or shall make 7 sunday
penance in several parish churches and for every deposition
in examination touching slander or difference to pay 3d.

[in margin] 23 Whore how punished & whoremaster deeply fined
That comon whores be drawn after a boat in the sea
during the ordinary appointment and common whore masters
deeply fined and also severly punished at the ordinary's

[in margin] 24 no christian burial to them yt strangles &c themselves
That he or she that strangles, drowns or spills themselves
receive not christian burial; besides the confiscation of good to ye lord.

[in margin] 25 church decrees
That where no will is made the church doth decree the Brothers
and Sisters on the fathers side Admrs of the goods which came by
the father and the brothers and sisters on the mothers side
admrs of the goods which came by the mother marryed or
unmarryed (always provided there be no lawfull issue) and
afterwards to descend to the next of kindred whether by
father or mother living.

[in margin] 26 to pay their Tyth in hand that break their own prescription
That they shall pay their Tyth in kind that break their
prescription in not paying their moneys when where and
to whom it is due vizt Easter Monday or Easter Tuesday
at the parish church to the proctor if he be there, if he be
not that he make it appear by good witness that he himself
was there and ready to tender the money.

[in margin] 27 no prescription by sea
That they shall pay Tyth fish who pretended prescrip-
tion by sea for tho they pretended prescription by land yet
cannot by sea for that such prescriptions have not been
allowed by the church nor the pretended prescribers cannot
defend it by vertue of any former statute.

[in margin] 28 all land under corn or kept for hay to pay tyth except &c
That all lands under corn or kept for hay bearing
rent to the lord are lyable to pay tyth to the church or other
agreement in lieu of tyth excepting lime lands according to
that statute made lately wherein for the term of three years
it is tyth free being land broken up that never before was
under corn

[in margin] 29 Tyth herring pay no castle mazes
That all boates at the herring fishing shall pay due
tyth according to law and that none of the same tyth [stopt?]
to pay any part of the Castle mazes

[in margin] 30 when the debts exceed the goods & none to take
[in margin] administration then the General Sumner to administer
That when a man or woman dyes and the debts exceeding
the goods and none of the kindred to take the Administration
the Generall Sumner is to administer and publication
publickly to be made in all the parish churches of the Island
for claimers to come on a day appointed to prove their debt their
claimes first being entered that the Generall Sumner may
distribute the goods among them penny pound like, in case
he can make no money of them that may exceed the
prizement and to give an account thereof to the Register
after the discharge of the office. And such as will not come
in on the same day shall be nonsuited. And the Generall
Sumner to be rewarded for his pains at the ordinary's

[in margin] 31 comunion 3 times in a year
That there be communion in every church at least three times
in the year on the parishoners acct or cost and for visitation to give
communion to sick persons. But at Easter the proctor is to provide
Bread and Wine on his own charges and to receive 2d from
every comunicant according to the 41 statute at all at 14 years
of age to receive, but first to be examined by the Minister
or be presented unless a lawfull cause appear.

[in margin] 32 The sick to make their will before they receive the comunion
[in margin] the minister to have 12d for writing a will and inventory &c
That sick persons make their will before they receive the
comunion and that the minister of the parish write all wills
and inventorys at large setting the prize of every particular
goods on the head thereof that orphans be not defrauded and
to receive 12d for every will and inventory except there be
a legacy left by the deceadt to the value of 12d
and if the inventory be large to have 12d for every day that
he is takeing of it but this in case another able clark cannot be had.

[in margin] 33 Fornicators to make 3 sundays pennance and to marry
[in margin] from sheet to ring &c Offenders not to be admitted to
[in margin] the comunion till they have satisfyed the law
That whosoever commits fornication shall make three sundays
pennance and if the[y] marry yet the[y] must go from the sheet to the ring. That
all offenders censured to penance are to perform their censures and
satisfie the law before they be admitted to the holy communion and to
pay 3d to the minister for every sundays pennance for writing
certificates and to the sumner 2d and if the offender bring not a
sheet he is to pay 4d to the sumner for furnishing him and that
no appeal be from the church censures to the staff
and none to be priviledged from their censures. That a woman
that beareth a bastard is to do pennance and satisfie the law before
she be churched.

[in margin] 34 a farmers daughter deflowered &c
That if a Farmers daughter be deflowered by a single man
he is to endow her or marry her going from the sheet to the ring
and if he do marry his pennance to be mitigated

[in margin] 35 A cotlers son that begotteth a bastard
That if a cotlers son beget a farmers or cotlers daughter with
child the man & woman are to be at equall charges to bring up ye child

[in margin] 36 She that claim promise to prove by witnesses &c
That if a woman claims a promise of Marriage of a young
man her own oath is not authentick to prove the same without
lawfull witness, but for fathering the child the woman is sufficient

[in margin] 37 slanderers to prove or to be punished
That whosoever accuseth man or woman of incontinency
or any other slander villifying another person and cannot prove
the same shall be censured to pennance ask the party or parties
forgiveness that are so slandered and further as it is expressed in
the 17th customary law. But the minister churchwardens and
chapter quest may present on common fame.

[in margin] 38 clandestine marriage how proceeded agt
That when a minister make a clandestine marriage that
minister the married couple and all present the marriage shall
be committed into St Germans prison and excommunicated
ipso facto.

[in margin] 39 minister narrying without lycense how proceeded against
That when a minister doth marry man or woman without
lycense or banns of marriage according to the rubrick he is to
be suspended 3 years ab officio et beneficio according to the cannons
of the church unlerss the ordinary upon submissions and bonds
of reformation mitigate or remit the same

[in margin] 40 A convicted of Rape
A man convicted upon due proofe by 2 juries for rape
one of which juryes impannelled by the church and the other
by the temporal and the grand jury clearing him for his
life and forfeiting of goods to the lord for want of [dire?]
prosecution, that man committing adultery and incest (besides
the rape) is to be returned back to the church to be fined and
punished for the hainous gact, to pay the court fees and receive
absolution from the church upon his remorse and true repentance

[in margin] 41 that cousin german not to marry nor be witnesses to a will unless
That cousin germans shall not marry or be witmesses to a will
the exr being so related for whose benefit they swear, yet the
multiplicity of witnesses of this degree takes away that defect
at the ordinary's discretion.

[in margin] 42 no exectrs crop to be decreed but as ye deceadt dyeth and ye Lord Rent to be paid proportionably
That there is no Exrs Crop to be decreed but in the same
condicon when the deceasdt dyeth whether in the ground, field,
haggard or barne, the adminrs or Exrs are to enjoy it so and not
otherwise, and the Lords Rent to be paid by the Execrs or Adminr
proportionable to the corn he receives and the rest by the heir and
widow surviving as they are concerned in the cropp.

[in margin] 43 Legators lawfull witnesses but not to their own legacies
That legators be accounted lawfull witnesses their own
legacys excepted; but the priest and clark are competent
for both

[in margin] 44 legacy to the surviver man or woman marryed
That when a marryed man or wife happen to dye
intestate the surviver is to have a legacy out of the deceadts goods
at the discretion of the ordinary

[in margin] 45 No goods to be taken away before a decree or will proved Except &c
That if any person presume to take away goods whatsoever
belonging to the deceadant before the will be proved or a decree
made he shall bring them back again to the place where they
were in. In case of refusal being warned by the sumner such
refractory persons shall be committed yet in case of apparent
danger of perishing, the execr or adminr by the ordinary's
consent may have liberty (giving in bonds) to preserve
them unto the court day. And if any take away goods
wilfully and make use of them in this kind and if the debts
happen to exceed the Inventory he shall be lyable to the
administron & pay all debts whatsoever, tho it were out of his own goods

[in margin] 46 no deserting of administration once taken in court
That if any person or persons do take upon them the administracon
in court shall not desert the same upon any pretence whatsoever
nor shall ye church be troubled with ye same any more in this respect

[in margin] 47 when 2 3 or more adminr & a debt due from a deceadt to any of them how to proceed
That when there are two or three or more Execrs or Adminrs
and a debt from the deceadt due unto any one of them he shall
loose but a proportion of his own part of the goods, and the other
execrs or administrators to make payment proportionably to their
parts as if it were to other claimers

[in margin] 48 when Administration is refused in court then &c
That when any administration is refused in court by the next
relacons and that therefore the church is burdened if the inventory
shall happen to exceed the debts the overplus shall be at the disposing
of the ordinary to be bestowed to be bestowed to pious uses

[in margin] 49 when one gives it to the other on his oath
That in a difference depending betwixt party and party when
the one gives it to the other upon his oath absolutely there shall
be no further hearing of that matter in the spirituall court

[in margin] 50 man & wife falling out how proceeded agst
That when the husband and wife fall out and do not cohabit
the party guilty shall be committed and before release to give good
bonds in a considerable fine to the Lord to cohabit
with and use the other as becometh

[in margin] 51 the price [ased?] not the goods to children under age
That when the goods of children under age are put into 
the custody of supervisors or any other such supervisors
(or others who have the goods) shall pay the estimacon in money
to the children and no goods unless the parties concerned do
agree vizt the children being at age and the trustees.

[in margin] 52 A young woman having a child & afterwards marryd to yt man none to upbraid therewith
That if a young woman shall happen to have a child
having therefore satisfied the law and afterwards do marry;
if any do upbraid her therewith to the vexation of her husband 
such are to be punisgd at the ordinarys discretion.

[in margin] 53 none bound for orphans goods but till 14 years of age
That the pledges taken in the spiritual court are not
bound but untill the Exrs come to 14 years of Age and then
the execrs are to come in with a copy of the Inventory of Record
to the Deemster and crave power to take up their own goods
and release the bonds for the church is no longer concerned.
The pledges if they be alive are to discharge themselves by
seeing the childrens goods paid as they come to age, but
if the pledges be dead the Exrs if they be under age are not

[in margin] 54 the 15 episcopal causes
That the 15 episcopal causes vizt (1) the clergy (2) Excomumun
-cation (3) Decres (4) Mitigation of fines (5) marriages and
lycenses for marriage (6) Divorcement (7) Adultery (8)
Incest (9) Witchcraft (10) the calling of a woman a bitch a man
a dog (11) the censuring of fornicators upon relapse and other
offenders the second or third time (12) effusion or spilling of blood in
the church yard (13) prophaning the Sunday and other holy days
(14) persons that refuse the comunion in contempt of their own
parish church (15) the committing of offenders in St Germans
prison which is the Bishops prison shall always belong to the
ordinarys jurisdiction and censureing

[in margin] 55 a woman ravished
That if a young woman be forced by rape she is to discover
the same imediately with signs and tokens of violence and in
married wife in like manner; otherwise neither of them to
be esteemed as rape.

[in margin] 56 agt buggery
That whosoever shall be found guilty of buggery shall be
tryed according to law already provided

[in margin] 57 merchants to swear to their books and proctors in court
That merchts who pretend a debt due unto them form the
execr of any deceadt shall swear to their books upon the grave
in form as before menconed in the 10th customary law and the
proctours to their books before the court and if the merchants
or proctours be dead the parties if they be living shall clear
themselves upon the grave as afforesaid.

[in margin] 58 An inventory upon record a year & a day not to be adempted
That when an Inventory is brought in upon record with
pledges and continuing intire for a year and a day no part
thereof can be adempted upon any pretence but added there
may be at any time as goods come and be discovered.

[in margin] 59 Difference betwixt a minister and a lay man
That when a difference in matter of scandal shall happen
betwixt a minister and a lay man, and that the same shall
need determination by a jury the one half shall be ministers
the other lay men.

[in margin] 60 laws not established wthouth the privity of ye clergy and temporality
That when any laws touching spiritual causes are to
be enacted the Bishop Archdeacon and whole clergy shall be
made privy thereto and joyn with the temporal and have
their consents with them before the same be established

[in margin] 61 a decree continuing a year and a day not allowed
That when a decree hath been made in open court and
so continuing for a year and a day no pretended will shall be
admitted of upon any pretencewhatsoever afterwards.

[in margin] 62 a will proved to stand wthout alteration
That after the witnesses are once sworn to a will they
shall not upon any pretence of explanation (or otherwise)
adempt or add any more afterwards.

[in margin] 63 none to sitt in the cancell wthout ye lyberty of ye ministri
That none shall sitt or bury in the Chancell of any
church unless first he agree wth ye minister or whosoever is proctour

[in margin] 64 fornicators relapsing fined
Fornicators relapsing fined
Fornicators relapsing shall pay 3l fine to the Lord
(if they be able) with other punishment at the ordinary's
discretion if they be not able they shall make 7 sundays penance
each of them and sit two whole hours in the stocks

[in margin] 65 [Transmarians?] have 3 years
[Stransarians?] have the lyberty of three years to enter
and prove their debts due unto them from a decadt and
no longer vizt 3 years after the probate of the will.

[in margin] 66 Adulterers how proceeded against
Adulterers shall make 7 Sundays pennance in severall
parishes and for relapse 14 and adding always the number
of 7 as oft as they transgress besides a fine to the Lord with

[in margin] 67 contract by using the words of matrimony not used before &c
That no contract by using the words of matrimony or any
part thereof shall be used before solemnizing of matrimony
publickly because of ye great abuse comited thereupon to the dishonour
of god and scandal of the christian faith in penalty of excomunication
and further punishment at the ordinarys discretion.

[in margin] whosoever curses either temporal or spiritual officer shall wear the bridle
That whosoever shall curse an officer either temporall or
spirituall be committed immediately into St Germans Prison
and not released untill first he give in good bonds to perform
his censure, which is to wear the bridle 4 several market days
at the several market towns for the space of one hour in the
height of the markett.

[in margin] 69 whosover swears to pay 12d and afterwards double
That whosoever shall swear an oath (by takeing the name
of God in vain) shall for the first time pay 12d and sitt one
hour in the stocks and for the second time 2s and so double
for every such offence to be levyed by the church wardens.

[in margin] 70 pledges to have the goods or counter security
That pledges finding those for whom they are bound
for children's goods to embezle and consuime the same
whereby they in respect of their obligation may come to be
damnified shall have authority to posess themselves of all
such goods or cause the other for whom they are bound to
give counter securitys: if they do not comply in doing
the one or the other they shall be committed untill they
submit, and iof such pledges shall thus come to
posess these goods they shall also put in bond themselves
for the forthcoming of them.

[in margin] 71 An intack person to pay a cessment as well as quarter land
If any person living upon Intack have also a Quarter
part of a Quarter of Land he shall as well pay his cessment
to the church out of the Intacks as out of the quarter land out
of the intack according to his ability and out of the Quarter-
Land as other quarters in the parish are cessed

[in margin] 72 cotlers to pay cessmt unless &c
That all cotlers living upon Quarterlands shall pay that
cessment to the church unless the farmer give them liberty
to sit in their own pews

[in margin] 73 fishing boats to pay half tyth out of their own parish and whole tyth when at home
That all boates fishing in another parish and
not where the owners liveth shall pay the one half of their
tyth in that parish and the other half to the proctours
where the owners live and the tyth wholy when they do
land there tho' the men belonging to the boat be of the other
parish provided they be not given out upon hire for term
of years.

[in margin] 74 no securities troubled so long as the pties in whose hands ye goods are deposited are able
That no securitys be lyable to the payment of children's
goods whilst the person or persons into whose hands they
were disposited were able to make good payment out of their
own goods and the pledges not to be molested at law.
But the persons in whose hands the goods were that is to
say if they be able as aforesaid if not then the pledges -
provided they demand it in due time.

[in margin] 75 If an Exr dye before the will be proved his Execr to be Exr
That when a will or testament is made and an executor
ordained if this executor dye before the will come to be proved yet
the Execr of the said Exr or Administrator shall be capable of
the benefit of the will first made and none else.

[in margin] 76 prizers not forced to take the goods under pretence of overrating 'em but ye overseers &c
That when sufficient men are sworn to prize childrens
goods the said good shall not be forced on them under
pretence of over rateing them for men must discharge their
consciences but the execrs or overseers (if the Exrs be not capable)
they must take all things according to the prizement.

[in margin] 77 an execr lyable to his parents obligation []
That when an Exr is by the Father or Mother's obligation
or both concerned being nominated in any speciality the said
Execr if he take upon him the Execrship shall be made
lyable to the parents obligation.

[in margin] 78 ways to church &c be always passable
That the Church ways for buryings christenings marriages
and for the minister to go on visitation may not be made up
but always passable on these occasions at all seasons
in the year.

[in margin] 79 the clerk neglecting his duty how proceded against
If the clerk neglect to do his duty after the first or second
admonition, and therefore presentment made by the minister
church wardens annd chapter quest he shall not only loose
his duty according to the statute but the ordinary may put
him out and another by the minister and parishioners election
shall be installed by the bishops approbation

[in margin] 80 The Sumners corne
That the sumner should have by the statute a band of 3
lenights and 3 principal cornes portion like paid of every
husbandman: yet it was always accustomed that he was to
have half a stock of principal corne when he came to demand
it for that because it was impossible that he would reach on
every husbandman on the Harvest dat viz half a stock of
12 sheaves high corne of every farmer that hath a Quarterland
or if more to be paid according to the Quarterland and if less
after the same manner and none to be priveledged from
payment thereof to the sumner upon any score

[in margin] 81 Execrs &c sworn to bring in a perfect Inventory
That the Execrs or Adminrs of all Deceadts to be sworn to bring
into our Records a perfect Inventory of all gold, silver, corne
chattles and goods as soon as the court in discretion shall
think fit or be fined & punished. And if any of ye aforesaid
goods be concealed or left uninventoryed the court is to proceed
against them for perjury.

[in margin] 82 offenders if comited to pay 6d before release
That all offenders and disobedient persons ordered to be
commited shall pay 6d before their releasmt to the court.

[in margin] 83 Whose accuses ordinary vicars genrll to be severely fined vide customary law 68
That whosoever shakk falsely accuse scandalize or
any way abuse the Ordinary Viccars General Official or any
minister in bad words or deeds shall be severely punished by
the ecclesiastical court and proceeded against by suspension,
Excommunication Pennance & fine as the fault demerits.

[in margin] 84 A deceadrs debtors to clear themselves in court within a year and a day.
That any who is indebted to any deceadt and so left
his will or any suspected by the Execrs to be indebted shall
clear themselves by oath written a year and a day after
the probate of the will in courtm but all claimers are to go
to the grave as already mentioned in the 9th customary law.

Robt Parr      }    Vicr Genrll
Jno Harrison   }