Primary Sources (at the MNH Library)


MS 10057 (Manorial Records)


Libri Assedationis

Libri Vastarum

Libri Monasteriorum

Libri Episcopalism

Libri Bangor and Saball

Composition Books

Barony Rental books for Abbey lands, Bangor and Sabal, Bishop's Barony and St Trinian's



MS 10192 (Accounts of the Lords's financial officers)


Books of Charge (from circa 1580)

Books of Allowance (from circa 1580)

Books of Pension (from 1602)

Fines and Amercements (from 1709). These include alienation fines.

Ingates and Outgates

Miscellanous other records of receipts and disbursements



MS 10071 (Court Records)


Libri Scaccarii (1580-1799)

Libri Cancellarii (1578-1799)

Libri Placitorum (1496-1799)

Chancery files (1710-1799)

Enquest files (1688-1799)

Petitions files (1711-1777)



MS 10216 (Ecclesiastical Records)


Wills (from 1695)

Ecclesiatical Court Records (from 1560)



MS 10194 (Ecclesiatical Records)


Libri Causarum (from circa 1610)



MS 09494 (Individual Contracts of Land Sale, Gift or Mortgage)


Old Deeds (from circa 1680)

North Side Sales (to 1847)

South Side Sales (to 1847)

Registry books and various indexes.



MS 09864 (General Registry)


Libri Juramentorum

Libri Irrotulamentorum

Various records of statutes and customary laws



MS06523 (Derby Papers)


Miscellaneous documents including occasional instances of most of the above categories.



Other manuscript collections


Miscallaneous records including the 17th and 18th indexes and explantory documents