Liber Assed index for Michael Compositions 1643-1704

The following is my attempt to cross-reference the summary entries with the farmlands listed in the Liber Assed.


Ballycraine (Sum 3l 7s 4d}
26s 8d     Z002 {26s 8d}            
26s 8d     Z001 {26s 8d}                                       
14s        Z003 {14s   }     

Ballister (Sum 3l 8s 6d}
20s        Z004_p1 {7s 6d + 6d intack?} + Z005 {8s} + Z006pt {4s} inc pt Ballona
16s        Z007 {16s} 
 7s 6d     Z008 pt1 {7s 6d} inc pt Aneegau
21s 8d     Z009 {12s 11d} + Z006_pt {8s 9d} inc pt Ballona
 3s 4d     Z008 pt2 {3s 4d} inc pt Aneegau

Shallagh (Sum 3l 3s 10d}
17s 6d     Z010,Z011 + 9d uncomposed {17s 6d}
14s 10d    Z012 {8s} Z013 {7s} ?
31s 6d     Z014 {14s} Z015 {7s 6d + 2s uncompd} Z016 {8s}

Ballynamade (Sum 3l 4s}
24s 8d     Z082 {12s 4d} Z017 {12s 4d}
17s 4d     Z018 {8s 8d} Z019 {8s 4d} + 8d not compd?
15s        Z004 {11s 3d} Z020 {3s 8d} + 1d not compd ?
7s         Z021 {3s 6d} Z023 {3s 6d}

Cammall (Sum 3l 11s 2d)
27s        Z024 {12s 6d/13s 6d/14s 6d}  Z025 {13s 6d}
19s 8d     Z026 {5s}  Z027 {3s 4d}  Z077 {10s 6d} + ?
24s 6d     Z027 Z028 Z029 Z030

Barrickmore (Sum 3l 8s 6d)
33s 2d     Z022 {16s 7d} Z023 {16s 9d} [2d over]
17s 4d     Z021 {17s 4d}
18s        Z031 {18s}

Dromrewaigh (3l 9s 3d)
18s 4d     Z032 {18s 4d}
16s        Z033 {8s} Z034 {8s}
17s        Z035 {17s}
8s         Z033 {4s} Z036 {4s}
10s        Z033 {5s}  G067 {5s see Z043}

Ballafadin (Sum 3l 13s 6d)
18s 6d     Z037 {37s}
18s 6d     Z038 (but total in 1704 is wrong)
18s 6d     Z039 {37s}
14s        Z040 {7s} Z041 {7s}
4s         Z050 {1s} Z051 {1s}  2s not compd

Norlough (Sum 3l 10s 8d)
28s 8d     Z042 {28s 4d?}
16s 4d     
14s 8d     
12d                      ? not qtrld

Oristall (Sum 3l 2s)
14s 9d     Z044 (14s 9d}
15s        Z045 {7s 6d} Z046 {7s 6d}
14s 9d     Z047 {7s 4 1/2d}  Z048 {7s 4 1/2d}
15s 8d     Z049 {15s 8d}

Leyre (Sum 54s 6d}
18s 6d     Z043 (18s 6d no comp)
18s 6d     Z050 {9s 3d} Z051 {9s 3d}  unexplained 1d gained by Z051 in 1704
17s 6d     Z042

Rencullin (Sum pred)
18s        Z040 {9s} Z041 {9s}

Arihorkill (Sum 7s 8d)
5s 4d      
2s 4d      Z052  

15d        Z065 {6d}