Circa 1495 Lib Assed

This is the earliest surviving rent roll in the Isle of Man and consists of a number of loose pages which have been gathered together here. The rents and orderings of the lands differ slightly from those which were standardised from 1505 onwards. These records almost certainly come from the period 1490-1505 during which the Lord sought to recompose with his tenants, but are difficult to date precisely. The entries are written in Latin.


The form of handwriting used in these documents (and others of the period) can take considerable practice to learn to read. All of the images in this section are very high resolution (typically around five mega-bytes in size) so as to permit a careful analysis. As a result they may take a little while to download on slower connections.


The North Side Lib Assed Images


The record appears to be complete. It was formed by combining two undated sets of loose pages in two different Archive boxes. The first four images (001-004) relate to Patrick and had become separated from the rest.


In image 001 only the left page relates to Patrick and the right page (which corresponds to the Lonan) should be disregarded.


001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009
010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018



The South Side Lib Assed Images


This set is very incomplete. It consists only of Lonan and Maughold. The corresponding documents are two undated sets of loose pages, originally stored in two different Archive boxes.


In image 001 only the left page relates to Lonan and the right page should be disregarded. In image 002 only the right page relates to Lonan and the left page should be disregarded. (This latter image corresponds to 001 of the North Side).


001 002 003 004





Diana Banks has produced a transcription of the entries for Kirk Michael which she also also cross-referenced with Talbot's published transcription of the corresponding 1515 Lib Assed. Her work is given here .





All of the images given within this subsection are photographs taken by myself of the original archive. They are included here by kind permission of Manx National Heritage.