1591 Charge Book

Given below is one page from the 1591 Charge Book. My transcription of this appears below. This is a literal transcription save that numbers in roman numerals have been replaced by their modern equivalents. For example the entry on the first line reads xxixl 10s 9d ob which I have converted to 29l 10s 9 1/2d.



This image by courtesy of Manx National Heritage.


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                        Pochia German

                Lannde Ferme            29l 10s  9 1/2d
                pticles                 4l 5s 8d
                Cottage                 43s 3d
                Wasta Ferme             15s 6d
decayed 4d      Brasse and Lead Ferme    4s 4d
                Milne Ferme             35s 10d
                The More his office     13s 4d
                Fynes and amercemts     29s 6d
                Suma pochia  40l 18s 2 1/2d

whereof paid to the Rec as appeareth by the more his taly  17l 15s

                In Beeves           21            4l 4s
                In [headinte?]       1            3s 4d
                In hoggs             4            16d
                In muttons          44            22s
                In lambes           31            2s 8d
                In kidds             5            2 1/2d
                In Geese            37            3s 1d
                In greene geese      6            3d
                In henns          [Cma?]          3s 4d
                In chickens          6            1 1/2d
                In piggs             2            2d

                Suma vict    6l 5d

                In wheat            31 bh         31s
                In barley    4[ll?] 19 bh         66s 4d
                In Otas             22 bh         3s 8d

                Suma [gennoys?]   101s

                Suma of the victuall & Corne     11l 1s 5d

Some of the paiments mad to the Rec & alowance for vittels }
and corne                                                  }  28l 16s 5d

Soe doseth unnpaid wherwth the Rec is to bee charged       12l 1s 9 1/2d