A page from an early Liber Vastarum

The image below is typical example of the pre 1576 Libri Vastarum. I have not yet attempted to date it precisely. An associated note (probably from the 1950s) estimates a date of circa 1520.



This image by courtesy of Manx National Heritage and also of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which produced the microfilm from which it is taken.


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The obvious difference from the Libri Vastarum of 1576 onwards is that this one is organised in precisely the same manner as the Libri Assedationis. The treens are listed (in Libri Assedationis order) in the left column and any changes pertaining to them are entered in the corresponding space to the right. This Liber Vastarum is also terser, with no explanatory comments at all. All of the Liber Vastarum prior to 1576 which I have examined share this general structure. I speculate that the document was prepared solely as an aid to preparing the new Liber Assedationis for the coming year.


My attempt at a literal transcription is as follows.

                                          Willm mc fayle         }
               Prochia Michel             Gibbon mc kerron       }    Jur
                                          [mold?] mc [coyleets?] }
                                          [Job?] mc [anleys?]    }

          [exr?] Willm mc glrea |   patrk mc glrea                          } xxvis viiid



         + viiis ixd      viiis ixd 
         [?] mc reer et gibbon mc fayle                                     } xviis vid

            +                 +
         patric mc reer job mc reer |  uxre patric mc yeer  gibbon mc rere  } xiiiis xd

         [thoma?] mc anley fynl mc gilrea et job mc anley                   } xviiis vid

                  +                               +
         [?] mc [kyll?] [fynt?] mc gilrea et job mc anrley|  Willm Canell   } xiiis


         Willm mc faile prd et gibbon mc faile |  Robt mc glrea patric mc qayne } viis


         + vis vid ob      vis vid ob
         Fynl mc aboy |  Willm mc kerron


         patrric mc qayne | gibbon mc faile | [?] mc faile Robt mc gilrea   xxvis

         [?] mc faile and [?]                        } 24s 6d

                                            +                        +
         [?] m caine [cnr?] |exre Willm mc cane junr|  Willm mc caine senr  [?]  } xviiis
                            |_______________________| |___________________|


           v ob         +            v ob     
         [?] [?] |Roger browne| fynt mc oboye                                    } xs