1643 Composition Book

The following image is a single page from the Kirk Michael section of the 1643 Composition Book. It contains the entries for some of the leases made in that parish. As has been referred to elsewhere, these records are of particular interest to the genealogist. They can however be hard to read.



This image by courtesy of Manx National Heritage.


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My attempted transcription of this page is given below. The receipts are given in the left column and the fines towards the right.

12 [?] Ja: 1643   


                          ^He Woods^ Jane Woods for the halfe of the 18s     }       }
30 Sept 1644              6d joint w[it]h John Croghan viz for 9s            } 25s   }
Recd of He Woods 15s      3d rent. Fine -------------------------------------}       }
3 March 1646 Rc by [?]    for the lives of Tho: xpin sunne of Donald                 }
mour 10s 3d               xpin Jurby  Dollin Cayne sunne of William Cayne    55s     }
12 Aug 1647 Rc 5s 9d      of Jurby and John Standish sunne of Wm [?]                 }
 & alowed for 3 6oz       Standishe of Elenbane to enter Mister Henry                }
wheat delivrd to the      Woods in afterwards  --------------------------------------}
taylor 24s                Item the halfe of certaine intacks & inclosures rent 16d   }
                          16d & the halfe of ye eighth pte of a qter rente 12d       }
                          caled Largegighe ------------------------------------------}

26 Jany 1646              Donald Cannell for 3d cottage --------------------- 2s }
Recd 2s 6d                for the lives of Rch & Tho & Charles                   } 2s 6d
                          his sonns ---------------------------------------------}
                          [added later] reserving the right of Bahie Kelly to 2d 

12 Nv: 1644               Dollin Curlood for 1/2 qrter rente 7s                    } 25s
Rcd paid 10s              4 1/2d ------------------------------------------------- } 
5 Fev 1644                Item for an Intacke of 15d                               } 3s
Recd paid 10s             rent jointe w[it]h Adam Curlod ------------------------- } 
25 Jany 1645              for the lives of Gilb John and Wm his sons
Recd 5s
3 Octbr 1645 pd 3s

8 October 1644            Adam Curlood for 1/2 qrter rente 7s                      }
Rec paid 10s              4 1/2d not before compounded for ----------------------- } 20s
18th March 1644           Item for 15d rente of Intacks -------------------------- }
Rec paid 10s              for the lives of John his sun & of Gilb 
                          Canell sun of Phill Cannell & of 
                          Adam Cayne son of Jo Cayne Ballagwane

10 Aug 1644               John Cannell Junior for 1 qter &                         } 45s 
Rec paid 30s              1/2 rente 26s 8d --------------------------------------- }
12 Nv: 1644               Item for a pcell of Intacks in Ball 8d                   } 15s
Rec paid 30s              rente -------------------------------------------------- } 
                          for the lives of Phillip Cannell sonne of 
                          Patrick & Charles Canell sonne of the 
                          said John Canell & Jo Quayle sonne 
                          of John Quayle ----------------------------------------- 

6 Aug 1644                John Canell Senior for 1 qter & 1/2   } 45s
Rec paid 22s 6d           rente 26s 8d ------------------------ } 
18 Dec 1644               for the lives of John & Wm his sonns  }
Rec paid 22s 6d           & Margrett his grandchild ----------- }