Atholl Papers


The Lordship of Man descended to the Dukes of Atholl in 1736 and it was held by them until the Revestment in 1765. The Atholl Papers (MS09707) comprise a large archive of documents primarily relating to the administration of the Island during this period. Most of this material postdates the focus of this website, but a few documents have relevance to the 17th century.




Bundle 65 consists of 12 pieces. These provide abstracts of the Composition Books for 1643 (1-2), 1666 (3) and 1704 (4-12), the originals for which are held elsewhere (ref MS10057). The 1643 and 1666 abstracts are abbreviated summaries and lack some key details such as the names and relationships of lives. They are however far easier to read and include those several parishes for which the original documents are missing. The 1704 Books are an accurate copy of the original (although missing some margin notes).


Bundle 34 consists of copies of a number of C16 to C18 documents. These include copies of leases from 1643 and 1666 (granted to Robert Calcott of the Nunnery) and the of the 1666 Commission to Bishop Barrow and others authorising them to lease his lands.