Stray Composition Records



The Composition Books contain most of the records for the period 1643-1704 as detailed in the following table.


Parish 1643(C) 1660 1666(C) 1666 1679 1691 1704(L) 1704(A)
Andreas C4/097.0 C4/186.0 C2/001.0 C4/271.0 C3/385.0 C5/141.0
Arbory C3/112.0 C4/174.0 C3/363.5 C2/019.0 C4/305.0 C5/283.0
Ballaugh C4/089.0 C3/308.0 C2/005.0 C4/261.5 C3/380.0 C5/068.0
Braddan C3/096.0 C3/337.0 C2/014.0 C4/237.0 C3/412.0 C5/348.0 C2/220.0
Bride C4/195.0 C3/301.0 C2/003.0 C4/213.0 C3/389.0 C5/120.0
German C4/060.0 C3/313.0 C2/006.0 C4/246.5 C3/371.0 C5/239.0 C2/188.0
Jurby C4/084.0 C4/192.0 C3/306.0 C2/004.0 C4/230.0 C3/383.0 C5/102.0
Lezayre C4/201.0 C3/288.0 C2/002.0 C4/219.0 C3/392.0 C5/175.0 C2/223.0
Lonan C3/078.0 C3/335.0 C2/011.0 C4/279.0 C3/405.5 C2/039.0 C2/226.5
Malew C3/128.0 C4/153.0 C3/342.0 C2/019.5 C4/292.0 C3/417.0 C5/298.0 C2/199.0
Marown C3/103.0 C3/340.0 C2/012.0 C4/239.5 C3/414.0 C2/138.0
Maughold C3/068.0 C3/331.5 C2/013.0 C4/233.0 C3/403.0 C2/057.0
Michael C4/077.0 C4/182.0 C3/307.0 C2/016.0 C4/257.0 C3/377.0 C5/051.0
Onchan C3/087.0 C3/327.0 C2/009.0 C4/285.0 C3/408.0 C5/361.0
Patrick C4/072.0 C3/325.0 C2/008.0 C4/242.0 C3/369.0 C5/216.0
Rushen C3/120.0 C4/169.0 C3/367.0 C2/021.0 C4/299.0 C5/268.0 C2/198.0
Santan C3/107.0 C4/178.0 C3/341.0 C2/018.0 C4/268.0 C3/415.5 C2/130.0


Before the Composition books were originally bound together, it is clear that some related records (which correspond to gaps in the above table) were somehow separated. Some of these strays have since been discovered in other collections.


1660 Gratuities


A booklet amongst the Financial Records contains the missing parishes. This is held in an archive box labelled MS 10192 Financial Records, with a further annotation to show that it holds (amongst other documents) composition fines from 1660.


The booklet itself has provided with an old cover which incorrectly describes the enclosed manuscripts as being Receits of compos fines 1643. The following parishes are covered: German, Patrick, Ballaugh, Conchan, Bradan, Marown, Lonan and Maughold (in that order).


1691 review of Compositions


Two double sided pages corresponding to Arbory and Rushen were discovered amongst the early unsorted Lib Assed [originally in an Archive Box labelled MS 10057 Box F Lib Asseds (Rushen)]. The two pages were also microfilmed as part of this collection.