Barony of St Trinians

This series begins in 1785 and documents the land transfers declared at the Baron's Court of St Trinians. As such it is the direct equivalent of the Libri Vastarum for the St Trinians Barony. Although they postdate the focus of this website, they are mentioned here for completeness.


Organisation of the Records


The records consist of two bound volumes which are held under reference 10057 (manorial records) at the Manx National Heritage library. (The second volume runs from 1893-1916.) These volumes are organised chronologically and share the same format as the Libri Vastarum. The headings show that the later courts were generally combined with those of other Baronies, although the entries corresponding to each Barony would appear to be recorded separately.


Other Sources


A list of the tenants of St Trinians actually appears in the 1603 Liber Bangor and Saball. From an initial look I didn't see any evidence that land transfers are recorded in that series however.