Bangor and Saball Rentals

A list of the Lord's tenants and their rents was prepared annually and is recorded in the Libri Assedationis. Similar records do not appear to have survived for the Bangor and Saball rentals. Those which I am aware of are outlined below.


A reference to the Seneschal Rent Book of Bangor & Sabal (MNHL MS2018) is mentioned in Davey and Roscow's monograph on the Dissolution of the Monasteries. I have not yet examined this.


There are three volumes under the heading Barony of Bangor & Saball in the Manorial records archive at the Manx National Heritage Library (ref MS10057). All of these relate to the Court Baron from 1585.


The first of these volumes includes a list of tenants and their rents and customs (under the heading of the Court Baron for the 8th May 1603).


The third volume interleaves the court records with sets of rentals in much the same format as the Liber Assedationis for the corresponding years (1901 and 1911). Although these latter records are very late, they do provide a complete listing of the names and corresponding rents of each of the lands of the Barony. No alienation fines are given, presumably because the Barony was never included in the 1704 Act of Settlement and is thus unaffected by these. No customary rents (such as hens, turf, boon days etc.) are listed either. The money rents don't precisely match those from 1603 (they are similar but slightly less) and it is possible that the customs were commuted in the interim to an monetary payment.